Holidays, Flights and Hotels – book today with an assurance of money back in case of Price Drop

With the rapid growth in technology, booking a flight has become a very easy and convenient job. But very likely to the two sides of a coin some time a flight booking may become an expensive deal when you booked your ticket in advance and suddenly the Price of the flight ticket drops. In such cases either you want to cancel your trip or you travel on expensive already booked ticket.


Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited assures you of your price even if the price drops before you travel. This way you are assured of the best price even if the booking takes place months in advance.

Experts from Travel Unravel explained the concept behind this scheme. “After booking a flight with Travel Unravel, we keep searching regularly for any price drops on the flight fare the client has booked. If the total fare is found to be lower than the booking amount, Travel Unravel uses the amount the fare has dropped by, and any re-booking or Airline charges if applicable) to compute the refund. This amount is then refunded back to client.


The refund amount is calculated as the net fare difference, after deducting the airline fee:

Old fare – New fare – Airline Fee = Net Fare Difference

If the net fare difference is less than zero (i.e. the fare drop is less than the airline amendment fee), you will not get any refund.”

In some cases, if the fare on your flight booking drops below a particular threshold, Travel Unravel may re-book you on a cheaper fare with the same flights, and then refund the difference. In such cases, the client will receive an email for a fresh e-ticket & PNR

Few Important thing related with flight booking:

Firstly, you must choose that flight that fulfils your conditions and requirements. The common parameters based on which individuals choose a flight are its airfare, its quality of services, the time involved and the amount of luggage accommodation permitted. So, that flight which gives you value for money, comfort and convenient timing should be on the top of your list.

Secondly, the flight booking must be done well in advance to avail of the possible discounts that the airlines may offer. The price of a ticket depends on how many months in advance you book your flights.


About Travel Unravel

Travel Unravel are Specialists in discounted rates, we offer competitive prices for air travel, inclusive tour packages, luxury Premium, Business and First Class Travel, hotel accommodation, car hire and last minute getaways.

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