The Truth About Wine Aeration

Experts from Ubseto reveals the secret behind the Wine Aerator

Expert says that “wine needs to breathe “and for most red wines and some white wines that’s true. All wines have some tannins especially noticeable in young red wines. In an older red wine the tannins will soften whereas in young wines the tannins are strong and may give the wine a harsh taste.


Sommeliers say that the truth behind wine aeration is that it will aerate on its own, as soon as you pop the cork and pour it into your glass. But the truth also is – that may not be enough. It take a long time to finish the wine tannins.

Hence, the invention of wine aerators.

They say that “many wines can benefit from aeration (exposure to air), and some benefit more than others.”

Red wines, and particularly younger red wines, can often benefit the most from aeration, and provide better aromas and flavours after some amount of air exposure – whether in the glass, by being decanted, or through the use of a wine aeration device.

The best way to know for certain is to taste the wine and then decide how much aeration you think it requires based on your personal preference. There are however certain standard guidelines that should always be kept in mind.

A famous sommelier Mr. Rachel says that “Wine aeration is not always recommended. Most white wines do not really require/benefit from aeration the way red wines generally do.”

Aeration can be repeated again and again to lower the tannins but this in turn also has the effect of smoothening the taste of the wine which means that the amount pf aeration that each wine requires depends not only the wine but also on the individual’s personal  taste.

On the other hand, extra aeration may be perfect for a young, strong red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Give that one an especially heavy dose of aeration and see how it improves the flavour profile.

Mr. Rachel said that “Many tools are available on the market for aeration, and most of them provide a low level of aeration that would be hard to over-do, even if you tried. Methods such as decanting or using the aerator will not give you significant results.”

But you want to see the real difference you have to try Wine aerators from Ubesto. Ubesto has manufactured several varieties of wine aerators which provide excellent wine aeration and are also very attractive bar tools. Try aerating one glass and not another, then compare – you may be surprised at how much aeration can improve the flavour of the wine.

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