Travel Unravel launches their own Search Engine – Farestocompare

In the UK outbound travel marketplace, it sometimes becomes difficult to actually differentiate the offerings of one company to another. The traveller is then left to make a choice of the travel company either from past experience or from a referral of a close friend or relative.

In order to simplify this complexity, the company Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited is launching in early January 2014 a very simple Search Engine – Farestocompare to get a comparison of fares of their 10 competing brands on a single platform. This will give a customer some clarity of what one can expect in the market.


It is important to understand that most of the fares that are displayed on websites of various companies are the lowest fares of a particular season to that destination. These fares need not always be available fares for those specific travel dates of an individual.

Travel Unravel reveals the secret to get the best possible fares to any destination. Firstly, plan and carry out some basic research many months in advance about the fares available for some specific dates that you may have in mind. Then look for options by changing your travel dates and observe when fares rise or drop.

If possible, try and choose your travel dates as per the best fares of the season and check if the company has any Price Drop Policy. This helps in case you have booked and paid for months in advance and the Airlines declares a drop in the fares. Companies like Travel Unravel actually track the prices of tickets booked by customers and in case of a price drop, they refund the difference to the customer, after deducting any charges that may be levied by the Airlines.


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