has announced the launch of L.E D Smart Phone ArmBand in UK.

This November Strobe Safety Gear is going to launch a new LED Product for pedestrians, runners, and road workers In UK.

London, UK – Strobe Safety Gear is introducing L.E D technology to various products and garments and among them LED Smart Phone Arm Band is the latest one. This product is build to reduce the chance of accident greatly by giving a clear visible from over 80 meters (87 yards) away in poor visibility or darkness.


With the increasing number of accidents and collisions in UK the high visibility wearing products are becoming necessity for everyone. Safety is the key reason for the surge in popularity of high viz products over the last few years. High viz jackets were introduced to the UK with the Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974 as an affordable way to guard workers against hazards.

After this more and more companies took actions by encouraging their staff to wear high visibility jackets and safe themselves from accidents on work. The popularity for the garments soon spread to people wearing them in all kinds of jobs and leisure activities. As well as helping to make the wearer more visible, high viz jackets also have an element of protection about them as they are associated with people such as the police, security guards and roadside assistance crews so people can automatically view others in high viz jackets as authority figures.


A new concept in visibility, Strobe Safety Gear builds LED technology into various wearable products to enhance our visibility at night or in poor weather conditions. If you’re regularly outside in the dark, especially in winter, then it’s worth investing in a high visibility product like L.E.D Smart Phone ArmBand to ensure that you are easily spotted by vehicles and also by your co-workers and other people when away from the roads. This will give the wearer a higher level of visibility and hopefully cut down collisions.

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