Saving of £50.00 in Intensive Driving Course at Jon Matthews Driving School

Jon Matthews has announced Money Saving Option in Intensive Driving Courses at Leicester.

Leicester — Jon Matthews Driving School in Leicester has announced 35 hour Intensive driving lessons at £660.00 only. This means a savings of £50.00. You only need to pay a deposit of £170.00 and the balance of £490.00 to be paid the day you start to learn driving with one of their qualified driving instructors. Full payment is also accepted.

Talking more about the offer the Public Relations Director, Jon Matthews, says;

“It’s a 35 hours of driving course. You could start on any day of the week and have your driving test 5 to 7 days later. The driving lessons offer, which is available in Loughborough, and Hinckley, involves using local driving instructors, with an emphasis on emphasis teaching learners how to drive.”


Experts says intensive driving courses Leicester has become a popular method of learning driving nowadays, which can be completed within a week and is a kind of crash course. These intensive driving courses designed for students are different as they always need to have free assessment to determine which course might suit them best. Professional drivers such as bus drivers, truck drivers and the likes can take up these intensive courses in preparation for improved driving skills.

These driving courses help learners to better their driving skills within a couple of weeks, and also helps to improve the chances of a pass for a driving test easily and efficiently. The number of learning hours depends on the capability of the person who is pursuing it. Some people are smart at learning to drive quickly, while some of them will take more time to finish it. Using driving instructors in Leicester who have the skills to train newbies which can be completed within a week and is a godsend to some.


It’s fair to say that learning to drive can be an intimidating process. Not only can the actual fact of taking control of a car for the first time be daunting, but many people are further stressed by the perceived importance of learning to drive and by the independence that is said to result from it.

Would-be wheel-turners who choose professional driving school that offers intensive driving courses can benefit from several weeks’ worth of driving tuition crammed into a few days that allow them to build that all-important confidence, pass the test and then drive home with your licence. Indeed, the right driving school will offer a wide range of intensive driving courses that are tailored to the individual learner-driver. This means there’s  little need to worry about either repeating lessons, and driving tests.


To take advantage of our intensive driving courses, learners need;

  • A valid provisional driving license (photo card and counterpart).
  • Must be 17 years old (16 if in receipt of higher disability allowance).
  • Good eyesight check: To read a number plate from 60 feet.
  • A valid Theory Test Pass Certificate.

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