Testhouse.net Talks About Testing in Software Development Practices

London, UK —Software testing plays an important role in life cycle of today’s System Development. Load testing is a wide and established area of IT knowledge and software development practices. There are many professionals who specialize here and testing experts ready to provide useful advices and even teach you a theory on the subject.

Non-Functional Testing covers the quality attributes of a system. These aspects are not covered by Functional testing and are often more difficult to quantify for both the business and development team. They are therefore frequently overlooked, often with catastrophic results. Testhouse are specialists in non-functional testing and have executed numerous projects, across different technologies using a variety of toolsets. When talking about stress testing, all agree that this is a type of testing when the server is stressed with a load above normal, and sometimes even beyond peak estimation for the tested application.

Load Testing

Testing that is done under the emulated load are load testing. In this type of test we gradually increase the load by adding more and more virtual users to the test and check the performance parameters of the system at each test phase.

The main things which are monitored are:

  • Web site response time;
  • Number of processed requests per second;
  • Error rate.

Since we also have the information on how it is changing throughout the test, we can also predict if this parameter can be improved by upgrading hardware and if it is stable.

Stress Performance

Every system has a capacity limit. When the load goes beyond it, the web site can start responding very slowly and even produce errors. The purposes of stress testing are:

  • Find that limit (in this respect it is similar to the capacity test);
  • Check that when it is reached, the web site handle the stress correctly: produces graceful overload notifications and does not crash;
  • When the load is reduced back to regular level, the web site returns to the normal operation retaining the performance parameters.

About TestHouse

Testhouse is an IT consultancy specializing in software quality and IT risk mitigation. With over 9 years experience in providing managed testing services to large organizations across a range of different vertical markets; Testhouse has built up a reputation for quality and reliability. We help our clients optimize their testing processes and therefore increase both the quality of the software they produce and the efficiency of test delivery.

For More Details Visit : – http://www.testhouse.net/performance-testing/


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