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Dallas, Texas — In Rift, “platinum” is the highest level of currency. As Rift is a relatively new game, it is difficult to predict at this stage what will and will not be valuable as the Rift economy naturally evolves over time. Rift gameplay features heroic items which have been there since the games started. The most fascinating thing is that those classic items and tools are for the lower stage players. As you make advancement towards the highest level, you will come across impressive items for gamers of those levels.

Cheap Rift Plat

The most popular way of making and increasing your Rift platinum used by most gamers is through crafting. Crafting is a gaming term that means you have to make a blend of gathered items to come up with a unique object. The three things used by gamers who rely mostly on crafting to increase their craft gold are ranged weapons, runes and two-handed weapons. For you to be in a position to craft the runes, you need to be in possession of rune-crafting skills. Another way is Buy Rift Platinum.

One great way to avoid getting involved in this vicious cycle is to get all 3 of the gathering professions yourself. That is, “Foraging”, “mining” and “butchering”. With these professions in hand you will easily be able to pick up your own materials while you are questing. If you have no immediate need for the materials you are gathering, you always have the option to bank them for use or sale later on in the game.


There are two types of weapons that come with the ranged and two-handed weapons option. These are obtained by questing. As the game progresses, other players will accumulate some spare platinum and will want to start buying up materials. The value of beginner ores will increase as other players start to level up their professions. But if you want to give it a try, you should focus on ranged weapons, like guns and bows, two-handed weapons and runes.

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