Just Dial Taxi Revels That India Has A Developing Car Rental Market

Experts say that “From the last ten years, India has grown into a big Car Rental market with a huge yearly turnover. It is estimated that the Indian car rental market is more than Rs 11,000 crore and is expanding with a fast rate.” With numerous car rental companies now in India, there are various outstation packages, car rental packages, online car hire deals and rent a car deals available in the market.

India is a major tourist place and is now one of the rapidly developing countries with respect to every sector and industry. India is home to many historical, mythological and ancient places and monuments and people from all around the world come to visit such kind of places with curiosity. From Historic cities like Agra and Delhi to culturally rich cities like Khajuraho, Varansi and Mathura, India has every kind of essence in it to attract people from all over the world. Rental Taxi plays a vital role in making these trips success.

Just Dail Taxi

Tourism is one of the contributing factors to the India’s economy with a big share of revenue generation. India is a land of mountains, hills, great forests, and mythological pilgrimages, tourist places are present in each and every corner of the country. The increase of the car rental agencies in India has a lot to thank to the positive measures implemented by Tourism Ministry of our country.

India is also now a major hub for several multinational and international companies of the world. Many cities of our country have grown and developed extensively. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and other many cities now host offices of various big multinational companies. This has developed huge requirement of cab services in India. Car rental industry witnessed a boom in the last 10 years with the increased tourism and business opportunities.

Nowadays each and every type of car category is available in the market, from economy to intermediate and luxury to super luxury like BMW and Mercedes. From small Indica to Innova and from Corolla to Camry, each car is now available for rental services in the Indian car market.


Every year a new company joins the market and being a growing industry tough competition is there among the companies and this has somehow benefited the customers. Rates of many luxury cars have been lowered because of tough competition and thus demands for luxury cars among the customers have increased tremendously.

Travelling and other related services have, to some level, become a hassle-free and safe experience in India thanks to various cab and car rental companies offering car hire and discount car rental services. Easy booking, safety and quick customer service, correct fare meters, etc make these cars a blessing for locals and foreigners travelling in India.

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